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that ted kennedy passed away. >> it's a time of memory. means a lot to us, the kennedy family, and all that they've contributed to us and our country. >> more than 50 of kennedy's colleagues plan to be here. all of the living presidents are expected to attend the service. and president obama will speak. earlier, the kennedy family gathered for a private mass at the hyannis port compound. kennedy's wife, children, along with scores of nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, watched as has casket was placed in the hearst. they knew him as "uncle teddy," but his aspirations also touched young people who never met him. >> if we know there is something good, we should do it. >> reporter: the next days will be filled with tribute. then the last kennedy brother will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. karen brown, cbs news, boston. >> and stay with us for complete coverage of the passing of senator ted kennedy. for more reaction, log onto >>> the day's other big story is tropical storm danny. right now, that storm is gaining strength in the atlantic. and it is churning toward
and sped off with his truck. >> reporter: police were able to use a tracking device to track pravat's truck. and found kevin lockner. he told police this wouldn't have happened if he was a white man. the three suspects are from curtis bay, where neighbors are disappointed. >> i am terribly surprised this. is the community we live in. and we don't seem to have any problems like that around here. >> reporter: police say they got a lot of tips in the community. meanwhile, all three suspects, all three suspects, they say, long list of criminal charges, including attempted murder and carjacking. back to you. >> all right, derek, thank you. >>> meanwhile, lockner himself, has been incarcerated for most of this decade. >>> hazmat scare. dangerously high levels of gas. vic is live in the newsroom with more on what happened. vic? >> gas meters showed about 300 parts per million. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene on yellow brick road shortly after noon today. 10 were taken to franklin square hospital, with mild to moderate poisoning systems. the leve
wearing gang colors. >> this isn't brain surgery. they give us clues. and we should act on those clues before trouble starts. that's what i want my cops to do. and i want them to go up and say, "welcome to the harbor. don't act like a jerk here. we want you to have a good time, but leave all of this gang stuff at home. and if you can't, go back home and we'll deal with you there. but you don't get to act like a fool here ." >> wjz was the only station there last night as mayor sheila dixon walked around, asking questions of merchants, tourists and police officers. she's trying to get a better sense of what it will take to make the area more safe and secure. meanwhile, the police commissioner says no arrests will be made in this case. he says both of the victims will be completely uncooperative, since they themselves will be gang members. in west baltimore, i'm derek valcourt, eyewitness news. >> thanks, derek. the two gang members wounded in the shooting are expected to survive. >>> commissioner bealefeld is also speaking out today about the use of city police vehicles and a local poli
it made. he had moved to the u.s. to appear in a tv reality show. and videos posted on his my space page showed him living it up with fiore at his side. but after her body was found, jenkins disappeared. a background check showed he had a history of domestic violence. jenkins led police to a manhunt. at one point, police chased him to his boat. but he got away. >> the ring was tightening on him. he obviously was desperate. >> reporter: canadian police are now searching for the woman who was with jenkins in his final days. karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> police in canada are looking for fiore's white mercedes benz, which they hope will help them find. >>> these two people are wanted for a saturday robbery at the pnc bank in crofton. bank employees say the men demanded money with a note. he jumped into a truck driven by this woman. anyone with information is asked to call anne arundel county police. >>> swine flu claims the life of another marylander. this is an elderly adult person from the washington, d.c. suburbs who was suffering from an underlying medical condition. the announcem
aren't doing much to keep our humidity in the comfortable range. bob turk is here to update us. >> the dewpoint has come down the last hour. it actually feels like 89 degrees out. so we're not into the 90s yesterday but maybe tomorrow it may happen. we do have some shower activity down to the south and west of us. looks like probably tomorrow afternoon, particularly out to the west we have some scattered shower activity. we're seeing that possibility on wednesday as the front will come through the area. may be cooling us down. and with additional showers through the middle and ends of the week. >>> let's check on the roads with parker shane. >> we have very little congestion so far. but plenty of incidents to tell you about. a couple in the city of paca street and saratoga. still with that wires down situation on river road. your alternate there will be palasque highway. not not much to show you on the cameras. in the case of wilkins avenue, only real delay is from belaire road to i95. brought to you by the cockrin firm. >>> still ahead at 4:00, a kettle in crisis. new research
for areas west of the city, you can see clearly, east of us and they have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect, as you can see the shore all the way down to eastern queen ann, all that moving east, northeast, some heavy cells with the heavy rain clearing the city from from the bay. heavy stuff approaching the upper eastern shores, cecil county, it's in your neighborhood and will be there for the next hour. it's heading towards salisbury. you can see it's clear out. there could be some showers later on tonight, but right now, looks like a quiet evening. just a few showers beginning to pop up south of washington, you can see some stuff and maybe some more developing over the mountains, we're not done with the shower activity and more developing tomorrow and they can be heavy downpours as well. >> thank you. part two of the weather show with stories of how hurricane bill is effecting the eastern shore. eyewitness news spent the day in ocean city where dangerous swells are arriving at the beach bringing the danger of rip currents thanks to hurricane bill. more on how hurricane bill is e
-two-three punch. danny, this big low that is giving us all of the flash flood watches and advisories and all the rain. and then out to the west, there is a cold front that is going to come in and give us more consternation tomorrow. we're almost seeing a carbon copy of last weekend. we'll be updating this story for you throughout the 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00, and online throughout the afternoon and evening at let us suffice to say, get your umbrellas out, you're going to need them over the next few hours. >> thank you so much. i don't know about you at home, but that thunder last night woke me up right out of my sleep. some powerful storms hit hard across a very wide area. but as alex demetrick reports, it also caused isolated damage in spots and flooding threats just about everywhere else. >> reporter: any rain could fall now would have nowhere to go but downhill. the ground is so saturated from last night's heavy downpours. >> reporter: streams throughout central maryland are running fast and high and could climb higher if heavy rains hit again. and if those rains come with the kind o
the way. no one is using this hoop here. the trees just a fraction of the trees that were damaged as it rolled through the area right between the houses damaging them along the way, crossing the street on the path of destruction. >> and the destruction is shown left by the tornadoes that touched down in frederick and carroll county. several homes are condemned. >> reporter: she was inside her home when the storm started ripping her roof off. >> i turned to close the garage door from the house to the garage. it blue me back on the ground. i fractured my wrist. i had three lines in there. >> reporter: it may be fractured but her home is broken. holes in the ceiling and walls broken. she will be out of the house for the nos, we realize that it was bad until we went into the basement. we heard gushing water. it was scary when i realized that everyone was accounted for we were find. >> reporter: her home was one of the hardest hit where trees, sheds a pool and trampoline were smashed into pieces. this house now one of several with major holes in roof. interesting story, the neighbor
said, women just don't like me. there are 30 million desirable women in the u.s. and i cannot find one. a member of the health club also talked about plans for a shooting, writing on august 3rd, last time a tried this in january, i chickened out. let's see how the new approach works. neighbors described him as antisocial. >> this will sound awful, but when i was watching this on tv and talked about the car and i thought it might have been him. >> reporter: a member of the all female class that he targeted said a man walked in wearing work outclothing, sat down a duffel bag, turned off the lights and opened fire. >> my buddy richard was covered in blood and a couple of other guys had blood all over them. reporter: women killed range in age from 38 to 49, nine others were injured. >>> his website showed the attack was premeditated. and there were more than 4600 words on the web page detailing plans for the shooting. >>> breaking news from south baltimore. chopper 13 over the scene. this is on the 2900 block of denham circle in cherry hill. two suspects wanted for armed robbery have gone
the greatest u.s. senator of all time. today, the world remembers the life and legacy of senator kennedy. karen brown reports from hyannis port. >> reporter: senator ted kennedy will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery, near his brothers, john and robert. his death has unleashed a flood of sentiment. they said the lion of the senate passionately pursued his causes, while remaining friends with his opposition. >> that's why he was one of the greatest to serve in our democracy. >> reporter: kennedy championed healthcare, education, and civil rights. condolences are pouring into his washington office, and flags have been lowered to half staff. >> for me, i lost my best friend in the senate, he was a great friend. >> reporter: the 77-year-old lost the long battle with brain cancer overnight in his home. vice president joe biden spoke with kennedy's widow. >> she said, she said, he was ready to go, joe, but we were not ready to let him go. >> reporter: the family will leave the compound here at hyannis port wednesday, as the motorcade will transport the body. his body will lie in repose f
the u.s. >> forcing the white house and democrats to look for new strategies. >> hi, everybody. i'm sally thorner. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> fiery debates are erupting at healthcare reform town hall meetings across the country. drew levinson reports, president obama is stepping up his countoffensive to make sure his message gets to the front line. >> reporter: the heated healthcare questions keep coming. >> you take my question to washington and tell nancy pelosi that. >> are you angry? >> yes, i'm angry. i'm angry at the lies. >> reporter: but demotto said he would voice his opinion without the rage he's seen at other town halls. >> it's okay that we don't agree. but let's at least come up with a bill that's not going to live all the seniors in the lurch. >> reporter: across the country, lawmakers are facing voters frustrated by this. >> you have to take into account what they're going to say. and they are very angry about what is happening in washington. >> reporter: organizer his to move it from a small venue to this large gymnasium. >> report
away from us. high pressure is moving in. and we're looking to see a pretty decent weekend. with just a chance of stray and isolated showers. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> let's check on the roads right now with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. happy friday. >> happy friday to you. so far, it's not too bad of a friday afternoon. we have some problems. but nothing too major. we have a gas main break. blocking all lanes of eastbound balonna avenue. two wrecks in the city, martin luther king junior. and finks burg, there's a wreck there on green mill road. one more at crownsvillesville road. meanwhile, as far as delays go, both slow between 32 and 100. 95 northbound lanes jam up again. typical delay there. speaking of delays, let's take a look at your delays on 95 as well as the beltway. there's a look at your drive times and delays. 95 is the slowest with an average speed there of 35 miles an hour. there's a look at 95. southbound lanes run slow from whitemarsh boulevard. there's a look at the top side of the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by kfc. try the new
ranges. there is thunderstorm activity going on to the west of us. you folks in maryland are getting a pretty good batch showers. out in far western maryland, have a pretty good chance of getting really, nice, heavy showers, which will cool temperatures. maybe gusty winds and heavy rains out there. we probably won't see that until tomorrow. at least we'll get a break. bernadette has a look at that. >> that's right. want to show you an update here. today, we're thinking high about 95 degrees. and that would make it the hottest as bob was saying so far this season. but the thing is, this is how it compares to averages and to records. so you can see the art graphic that we got going on right now. also issue the other reason this is happening is the jet stream has finally pushed off to the north. it's been very far south, all season long. with it to the north, it is tropical air. this isn't that abnormal. so we're not that used to it. and that's why it feels so thick and hot outside. >> okay, bern. thank you. >>> our first warning weather coverage continues with adam may. adam, is there
/2 million vehicles sold. it sounds good but the autoindustry used to sell 16 million a year. gm had its first increase but still down from last july. chrysler up from june but down from last year. ford is up 2.3% over last july making it the only automaker in two years to see a year to year gain. they credit the annual product line which includes the reintroduction of an old favorite. it sets sales record, the ford taurus. >> customers rally around it. until the all-new show. with a brand new add campaign, ford dealers hope to keep july's momentum going even if the "cash for clunkers" program runs out of gas. >>> democrats will work to get another 2 billion in the "cash for clunkers" program by the end of the week. >>> still ahead, shocking discovery. what one mother found on the internet and how it involves her own toddler son in an adoption scam. >>> on the loose, police looking for a man robbing the apartment of young women and fleeing naked. >>> wait until you see who is behind the wheel on this chase. >>> don't miss the first- warning forecast. now, complete coverage continue
eyewitness news. >> we'd like to hear your thoughts about healthcare reform. e-mail us your thoughts to wjz thereto -- or click on the link at the top of the wjz home page. >>> weijia jiang is live in the newsroom with the news of the six deaths linked to h1n1. >> they say the latest victim is an adult from the washington, d.c. suburb. the person's sex and age has not been released. but it is known, they did have underlying medical conditions. the health department says they do expect even more flu-related deaths. and they're urging everyone to take advantage of the flu vaccines when they become available. today, more than 435 people have died from the h1n1 virus there the u.s. >> thank you, weijia. the trial of the schools of medicine are under way right now. they hope to be ready by this fall. >>> summer is in full swing right now. and our weather is typically august. outside, it's sunny and warm, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. in fact, there's a flash flood watch for several eastern shore counties. meteorologist tim williams is here with updated numbers
you have, use it as a form of strength to help you to succeed, 20 be focused, and to know that you are not only gifts of god, but you have greatness inside of you. >> reporter: the american fedderration of teachers' president is also touring several schools in baltimore today. the city is one of eight places nationwide she'll be visiting. in northwest baltimore, wjz, eyewitness news. >> dunbar looks great and complete coverage continues at 5:00 and 6:00. we'll take you to baltimore and howard counties that started school today. >>> the legal wrangling in the city hall probe continues. the mayor was indicted for improperly -- the indictments were improperly slewed by the prosecutors. a new motion just filed, the prosecutors say the subpoenas did not produce new evidence or testimony so the defense doesn't need to see them. the mayor dixon is accused of stealing gift cards intended for needy families and lying about gifts from her former boyfriend, a former city developer. >>> we continue to remember the impact that senator ted kennedy had on our community. we have reaction from the
- shriver had a legacy of her own. she founded the special olympics in 1968, using sports as a way to empower the intellectually handicapped. that event is still going strong, with many taking part in its sports programs and competition. >> by your presence, you send a message to every village, every city, every nation. a message of hope. a message of victory. >> reporter: she also spent plenty of time on the campaign trail, with her husband, sergeant shriver, who ran for vice president in 1972, and her kennedy brothers. shriver watched proudly as daughter maria's husband took california politics by storm. >> my mother-in-law is the true terminator. and she gives us all orders and says, you do this, and you do that. and she is all over the place. and she is very enthusiastic. and very strong. >> reporter: biit was shriver's work for the mentally disabled that brought her accolades and a champion for the developmentally disadvantaged. >> reporter: up until recently, shriver lived in montgomery county. the first special olympics was held in her own backyard. coming up, we'll have mor
. gusts up to 161. this is going to be moving toward the u.s. but then taking a bit of a right turn. the winds will start to take it out to see it will hit cooler water. and we'll be looking at the same system that is bringing us showers and thunderstorms over the next few afternoons, helping to glance and deflect it off to see. this storm is really just a few days away from starting to affect the eastern coast of the u.s. coastline. we will keep you posted. as of now, bill still a category 4 hurricane. we'll keep you updated at 5:00. >>> for instant updates on bill and all of the season storms, log onto for the latest storm track and our special hurricane section. >>> an elderly, african american man is attacked in what police are calling a hate crime. now, wjz's exclusive interview with the woman who called for help. adam may has the latest from central booking where one of the suspects is being held. >>> here at central booking, bail has been denied for the one suspect police have under arrest. >>> a 76-year-old black fisherman, severely beaten during what police called a
state, continuing to protect the strength of our state in order to get us through these difficult times. >> reporter: in addition to layoffs, faced with the challenge of finding $470 million in cuts overall, governor o'malley says he's found $454 million, saying he has no choice but to put the 70,000 state employees on furloughs. the highest paid will sacrifice two weeks' pay. the lowest paid will lose three days' day -- pay. one way to do that is to close major state offices before holidays. >>> hear from upset state workers who are protesting the furloughs coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00 and 6:00. >>> the ocean city merchants are hit with the town's first charges on possession of sal via. the hallucinogenic herb. some business owners say they should have been given more time to get rid of their sal via before the crackdown. >>> summer vacation is over for public school students in carroll county. eyewitness news was at westminster school. the carroll county sheriff's office wants to remind all drivers to be cautious. and stop at least 20 feet from a bus when you see its flashing
the precautions. >> we're trying to be careful. i think if we use the wipes in the backpack, hand sanitizer and 20 seconds of hand washing. >> reporter: the h1n1 vaccine won't be ready for the start of the school year but should be ready by october. back to you. >>> a short time ago, the state health department confirms a fifth mader has died from swine flu. that person was from the washington, d.c. suburbs and had underlining health problems. studies of the swine flu will begin next week at the university of maryland school of medicine. 67 young adult volunteers and 67 senior citizens will be briefed. if they agree to go ahead, they will get two shots three weeks apart to test the vaccine. if it's found safe it will be tested on children. >>> wjz news is always on. to check on instant stories and past stories on the swine flu go to our website. >>> eunice kennedy shriver is in the hospital. breaking news. she's surrounded by her family. she's known for performing in special olympics in the 1960s. she has a home in montgomery county. >>> a short time ago, baltimore county police officially closed
for a pleasant afternoon. sky eye chopper 13 is over the area allowing us to be safe from the sun. bob? >> at noontime we were in the upper 60s. the sun's come out and we're back into the mid-70s. the rain, as you mentioned last night, would be to our south and east. let's take a look around the region now. you can see the activities south of the east area. talbott picked up an inch to 2 inches of rain last night. heavier stuff, ocean city down to snow hill getting thunder and lightning right now. diehl island down to chris field. all that's over the eastern shore and moving 0 of to the east-northeast, west of the bay, sunshine. a beautiful night on tap. would you believe upper 50s tonight? open the windows and a nice friday. we'll have the forecast coming up. sally? >>> let's check the roads right now with sharon gibala. i guess you start with the horrible accident in west baltimore. >> reporter: we will start with the one in west baltimore. sky chopper 13 flying above it right now. the accident is at north calhoun at west lexington street blocking all lanes of the intersection there
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21